Monday, March 31, 2014

SharePoint WebApplication not provisioned in SharePoint WFE's

I tried to provision a SharePoint Web-application in Application Server , but they were not provisioned in WFE's. I got "Page Cannot be Displayed" error and the web application was provisioned only in SharePoint Application Server.

I tried multiple things and finally found the reason for it. In the Application server, where the central admin is hosted, bring up the IIS. Locate the central admin application pool , right click ->Advanced Settings->under process model->Shut down Time Limit -> Set it to 600 mins-> Restart the IIS.

Delete the SharePoint Web-application that has been created in Application server and then try recreating the SharePoint Web-application. Wait for some time, you will be able to see the Web-application provisioned in WFE's

This error is might be due to CPU utilization and please check your CPU utilization and up the core's if needed. 

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