Sunday, December 21, 2014

SSRS - Display fixed number of rows per page with report headers.

For one of our KPI report hosted on SharePoint, the users want to have fixed headers when they use horizontal scroll. We tried to use the OOTB features(Fixed data=True) but it does not work out properly for us. Hence decided to have fixed number of rows per page and show the headers in each page.

It was decided to have 10 rows per page. I followed what is given in this blog. The downside of it , the headers were visible only in the first page and the subsequent pages did not show the headers. So found a work around which is to add group header while performing step 1 of that blog.

I copied and pasted the report header as the group header and deleted the report header. Then followed the subsequent steps as given in the blog. Now all the pages had headers with fixed number of rows.

Hope this helps you!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Local farm is not accessible. Cmdlets with FeatureDependencyId are not registered.

One of my newly joined team member was getting this error on his powershell editor. Following has been done to fix this.

Log on to the DB server choose the SharePoint Config DB -> provide the user with the following membership SharePoint_Shell_Access and db_owner. 

Hope this helps you!!!

SiteActions menu is not displaying properly

After we deployed a WSP in our production SP 2010 farm, one of our application did not show Site actions menu properly.
We tried the following steps

1) We checked the WSP\code thoroughly and could not find anything.
2) Checked the permissions of all the users and could not find anything.
3) Retracted the new WSP and deployed the backed up WSP(As a process we always take a backup of  WSP's). It did not work.
4) Checked all other production applications, they did not have any issues.
5) Checked Central Administration -> Manage Content Database Settings , the database was not offline.
6) Checked Central Administration -> Site Collection Quotas and Locks and found that the DB was set to ReadOnly. Removed the lock status and Site Actions menu started showing up.

I hope this helps you!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

SSRS Parameters\Filters should be displayed only in print.

My business users wanted to display parameters(Country, Street, Phone) on the page header only when it is printed and they do not want to show it while rendering the SSRS report.

To achieve this I did the following

1) Inserted a rectangle in the page header and added the parameters.
2) In the rectangle properties -> Visibility -> Enable Show hide based on an expression.
3) In the expression window add the following expression and save the report.
=IIF(Globals!RenderFormat.Name = "IMAGE", False, True)

Thus the country, street and phone parameters are shown only during print and they are not shown during report rendering.

Hope this helps!!!